Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Salon Elfi at Pippikakka

Photo from Pippikakka

Who can not love these wonderful and happy candleholders for a little party?? I'm totally crazy about their fine colours and motifs, and I know that they would fit in very nicely on a birthday table in my house.

Photo from Pippikakka

They are from the brilliant German company Salon Elfi. Enjoy their website and see all their fine things for children.

Photo from Pippikakka

I had to show you these wonderful wooden toy bricks, too. So many magnificent castles could be built with them. And think of the patterns one could make.

I adore when people make a great effort to produce toys for children - like Salon Elfi.

Photo from Pippikakka

All the toys can be found in a shop called Pippikakka - and many other shops I guess. A dream shop for those of you who still have smaller children (and for those of us who love the whimsy and childish stuff).


  1. Ulla, I saw this shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/heidiandfinn?ref=pr_shop_more

    I think they have very sweet patterns for little girls - just bought the "bubble dress".

    Take care,


    Oh and the post has arrived today - only thing I will have to check is for a noise the machine makes... I wonder if it supposed to be like this??

  2. Thanks a lot for the link, Nina. That's sweet of you.
    They really have some fine children's patterns. A bit different than what we see elsewhere, and I love that. :))

    I will look forward to seing the bubble dress for your sweet girl. And I'm exited to see which fabric you will choose.

    Wasn't it great to get the Kitchen Aid machine? I hope that the sound is an insignificant bagatelle.
    Do let me know how it is to use. :))

    Take good care as well.

  3. Thankyou for the Beautiful Post about Salon Elfi and mention Pippikakka :)

    Geraldine from Pippikakka :)

  4. It was definitely my pleasure, Geraldine. :)) You have a fabulous shop with some very unique things.
    All something which I haven't seen in Denmark before.

    I think that I have to buy the wonderful candleholders - they are so sweet. :))

    Have a lovely day...

    Ulla :)


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