Monday, June 27, 2011

2 pieces of fabric

And yes, it's about fabric once more...

Photo from Hawthorne Thread

The top one is soft and gentle in it's colours. The fabric's name is almost marvellous and could have been taken from a fairytale -  Rosette in Violet. It's designed by Valerie Wells and is a part of the fabric collection called Wrenly.

Photo from Hawthorne Thread

The powerful and happy fabric in orange and pink is designed by Helen Dardik (who's work I absolutely adore - remember??).
It's from the collection Too Muchery and this particular print and colour mix is called Damask in Pink.

I always choose fabrics which have a long-lasting design in my eyes, and colours I know that I will keep on liking.
Taught by experience I know that my fabrics may very well end up in my pile of for-me-to-make-tunics-from fabrics!

But it doesn't bother me. I know that I will like them just as much, when I take them out in a little while. And one day they will end up becoming tunics for me. . .or maybe even dresses.

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