Monday, June 13, 2011

Waiting for some love-love-love

As I have mentioned before, I'm a huge fan of Helen Dardik and her fantastic and happy illustrations and paintings. I love how her lines are soft and curvy - how the colours she choose and mix, make me amazed and full of joy. Her whimsy way of looking upon the world is just how I like it.

I have some of her work already - among other things this great embroidery book - but the last month I have been returning to her etsy shop over and over.
There are a least 8 prints which I would happily put on my walls if I were a millionaire, but particularly one print has been popping up in my mind's eye.

The one called LOVE.

Photo from Helen Dardik's etsy shop
Now I'm waiting for it to arrive, and in the meantime I check out which spot in my house will be the best to put a little extra love...


  1. I just love it too, Mrs Bok. It looks so lovely the way the people cross over each other, and the colours will be great with my prints here at home. :))


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