Saturday, June 18, 2011

I have a soft spot for letters

So this beautiful, unique letter sampler designed by Alicia Paulson is right up my alley.

The pattern gives me a good reason to try out some of the stiches, which I don't get to use that often.

And furthermore it will be perfect to make something with the lovely letters, for a little girl who adores pink and romantic style.

At the moment it's only possible to buy the pattern as a PDF-file, but later on the whole thing will be available as a kit.

I have another idea on how I want to use the letter sampler, so - luckily - I didn't have to wait for the kit.


  1. So freakin beautiful but I don't know if I have what it takes to make something that elaborate!!!

  2. It's so lovely - I totally agree with you Claudia. she has such a fine talent for creating unique things, that Alicia Paulson.

    I think that you should have a go at the letter sampler. The stitches are actually rather simple - it's just the way that they are combined which make them look so neat and difficult. and along with the kit comes a detailed description on how to make the letters.

    I hope that you are doing fine, Claudia. :))

  3. Oh, wow! I'm usually not drawn to samplers of the alphabet, but I love this one. So pretty. Can't wait to see your version, Ulla.

  4. It really caught my eye right away, Katherine. :)) It think that the green background and all the lovely colours and shapes were the reason why I had to have it. :))

    Ever since I was little I have loved letters and numbers - and most of all their shapes. :))

    I hope to get these letters made sometime - one never knows with me and all the projects I make at the same time. ;))

  5. Den har jeg også kastet min kærlighed på. Jeg kender bare min begrænsning, når det kommer til broderi. Men efter turen i dag til Skals, så er det nu lige før naturen går over - selverkendelsen. :-)

  6. Den er altså også flot med alle de bogstaver, Jette. Jeg er bare alt for nem at lokke i fordærv når det gælder smukke mønstre, så jeg har alt for mange projekter der venter allerede. ;) Jeg elsker simpelthen at brodere.

    Jeg kan godt forstå at du er blevet inspireret på håndarbejdsskolen. Deres broderi er kendt vidt omkring, og det med rette.
    Siden jeg var barn har jeg fulgtes først med min mor til sommerudstillingen, og de senere år med min veninde. Faktisk plejer jeg at se udstillingen både fredag og lørdag, men i år kom jeg ikke afsted 2. gang. :(

    God fornøjelse med broderiet. :))

  7. are you doing this? you'd make a beautiful one, I'm sure. I want to try it, too, but you know I'll take forever... we'll see. I'm glad I found your blog Ulla, after all these years!!! xo amy

  8. I'm definitely glad that you found it, Amy. :)) It's always fun to read more about the lives we each live.

    The letter sampler is great. I haven't started making it yet, but I do have the PDF pattern - I'm not fast either. ;))

    Take care. :))

  9. this is funny because when i saw it weeks ago, i thought of you !!!!

  10. That's really funny, Valerie! I loved it the minute I saw it - all those fabulous colours and the many different kind of stitches. I would love to make an alphabet quilt with it - some day. :))


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