Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I forgot all about it!!

That lousy little spot on my beautiful rosy coloured linen. It had totally left my mind, when I cut out the pieces for my new summer tunic.
Now it's placed as bad as possible; right at eye level on the tunic's front piece. How clever is that!

So I had to come up with something to cover it up, and thought that an old Danish china pattern would be great inspiration.

Covering a spot... by lille-ursus

Actually I used the new version of the old Mussel pattern from Royal Copenhagen - Mega Mussel redesigned by talented Louise Campbell.

My version is drawn in freehand so it's not completely like the Mega Mussel pattern, but never mind.

I'm quite pleased with the interaction between the pastel coloured linen and the strong orange embroidery floss - it did concern me a bit when I started out the embroidery. But somehow the orange keeps it all from becoming too  fastidious to look at.

I hope to get the tunic done, so I can wear it when we go to Anne-Sophie's graduation in about 1½ weeks.


  1. Min blomst mage til sidder på armen....for evigt :O)

  2. Det var da en rigtig god ide Ulla :-)Fed farve iøvrigt.

  3. Nej hvor fedt, Hanne - er den tatoveret?? En genial idé til et motiv, som jeg aldrig ville blive træt af at se på hvis det var mig. :))

    Jeg "nøjes" med den slags der kan trævles op. ;))

    Hav en dejlig aften. :))


    Det er jeg glad for at du synes, Marie-Louise, tusind tak. :))
    Jeg håber at helheden kommer til at tage sig godt ud.
    Jeg er jo vild med sart lyserød og orange sammen - de giver hinanden noget synes jeg. ;))

    Også en dejlig aften til dig. :)


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