Friday, December 03, 2010

No cold ears!

Anne-Sophie had seen a beautiful knitted hat in the window of our local yarn shop. She showed it to me when we were in town together and immediately I decided that I wanted to make it for her. Which mom doesn't seize the chance to keep her children's ears warm. ;)

So I bought the kit the other day and paid almost 200 Danish kroner for it! I don't consider myself to be miserly - especially not when it comes to my children (and crafting stuff!) - but I did think that it was quite a price for a hat...

It is designed by Hanne Falkenberg and the hat is called Stella. Anne-Sophie wanted to keep the colours in a classic and dateless way, so she is getting the hat in black and a linen colour.

Now it's up to her mom to finish it before the cold weather is over...


  1. Lovely colour-combination!
    And there's not much you would not do for your children, right!? Happy knitting!

  2. Oh Ulla, I still haven't finished the tall girls red jacket... why am I so poor at it? It takes too long - I need to finish things faster... Ohhhhhhh...

    But at least the clothes for the doll are done, just a hat needs to be knitted but this will be quick.

    AND then I will be going on knitting the jacket, I promise! Anne-Sophie is very blessed to having such a sweet and caring Mum!


  3. What a heart-warming post ... I am sure this knitting will be especially enjoyable ...

  4. Thank you so much for your sweet words, rahel. :))

    I would do everything for those 2 children. :))

    I haven't knitted much these last days, but hopefully I will get a bit more done in the week to come. No could ears. ;))

    Have a nice day...


    You are so sweet Nina. :)) And thank you SO, SO much for the lovely christmas card. That really made my day. :))) Your children have grown so much, I think - and they both look really, really beautiful.

    Don't feel bad - I think that you get so much done with your children. The red jacket will get done for sure. :))

    I still love the idea with the clothes for the doll. Brilliant and something which will be cherrished.

    Have a lovely day, Nina and again thanks a million for the card. :)))

    Ulla XXX


    Åh, jeg er bange for at man ikke kan kalde mit strikke tempo for fartpræget, Miri. Det går virkelig langsomt i forhold til før jeg kørte galt. Men det kan lade sig gøre i små portioner, og det er det vigtigste for mig. :))

    Men 1000 tak for tilliden. :))


    Thank you so much, Barbara. :)) That's sweet of you.

    I know that I will do my very best to get it done before the cold days are over. Luckily they seem to be staying for a while. ;))

    Have a nice day...

  5. Lucky girl!

    I am knitting myself a hat to keep my ears warm.

  6. Thanks a lot, Anne Marie. :)) I hope that she feels lucky. ;))

    A hat for your own ears is indeed a good idea.
    I never wear a hat, but I have really thought about making one for myself as well. It's so cold for the ears these days. ;))


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