Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Cozy Elf Tuque

That's the name of a new pattern I bought. It's designed by Barbara Prime. Here's a photo I took of it and it might just become a favourite one, when I knit for little baby and toddler friends of mine.

The shape looks so promising - I think that it will have a great fit. Maybe as good as the Devil hat pattern.

But trying it out will have to wait for a while. But when the time comes, I think I will start with the version with the small buttons....


  1. Looks like it will have a wonderful fit - perfect for little ones!

  2. these are such pretty baby projects ! not sure as a beginner I could make these but i'm knitting a "kitty hat" for a friend who expects her 4th baby...

    ps : i love your new blog layout !

  3. hello dear ulla, so happy to hear from you. ^_^
    hope all is well with you. justlove those cute little hat, adorable.
    happy december.
    monique xx

  4. I really think so too, Katherine. And that was one of the reasons why I had to have the pattern. And it could be fine for toddlers as well. :))

    Have a lovely weekend.


    That sounds great, Valerie. I bet that the Kitty hat will be cherished a lot. :))

    I have thought so much about you and your family lately . I hope that your beautiful girl is better. Really.

    Take good care of yourself.
    Ulla XXX


    Hi dear Monique,

    That little hat was bound to become a favourite of mine. ;))
    I hope that you are enjoying Christmas times as well - and of course that gorgeous little Jacob. :))

    Have a lovely weekend.
    Ulla XX

  5. Soooo sweet! I adore the devil hat, as well...


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