Tuesday, December 07, 2010

I hope for a Butterfly Mambo for Christmas!

I am indeed crazy about porcelain clay and this beautiful butterfly swept me of my feet.
I adore the thin, graceful wings and the red legs and antennas and could easily see the butterfly soar in my livingroom.

It's designed by Wapa Studio and it will definitely be on my wishing list from today...


  1. How beautiful! I went to take a look at this shop and I adore the tealights they have there.
    I hope you will get one of these butterflies!

  2. Den er så fin - og lover måske lidt forår..... Passende at hænge op efter jul.

    Så er der start på håndbold i aften ;-)

  3. So let's hope Santa Clause is receiving your wish list in time... or you should let it lay at the kitchen table, in case Santa's little helpers come in and have a look.

    XX Nina

  4. It is a lovely shop, rahel. I really like those tealights too. ;))
    So now I just cross my fingers and hope that the butterfly flies under the tree Christmas eve. ;))


    Præcis, Gitte. Lidt forår må der gerne være når alt juleriet er forbi. :))

    Det er altså bare sjovt med det håndbold. Jeg har tænkt på dig flere gange i dag, fordi jeg glæder
    mig til at se kampen. Jeg tænkte at du garanteret havde det på samme vis. :)) Rigtig god fornøjelse.


    I will do my very best to get the wish list done, Nina. And the kitchen table tip is rather great. I have to try it out. ;))

    Have a lovely evening.
    Ulla XXX


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