Tuesday, November 30, 2010

12 + 12 = 24

I split our advent candle in two this year, because I think that we could do with a little more time to burn it in. We always tend to forget to blow it out when the right number has been reached!
So using these made it possible to have two candles.

How about you - are you fast or slow at burning down the days for Christmas?


  1. Very clever! Love the simple and sweet look of these advent candles.

  2. We enjoy this time of the year and we try to take it slow. Most of the wishes are wrapped and stored away, so there is no need to going to crowded town and do Christmas shopping. We can relax and enjoy Christmas markets and have a quiet time with playing, reading stories and playing in the snow...

    XX Nina

  3. Genialt !! her brænder vi altid for hurtigt :-)

  4. I'm happy that you like it, Katherine. :)) I'm quite happy about it too - I know that we will use it a lot.

    We always light the advent candle when the virtual Christmas calender is on TV. It's a little story which shows 1 chapter a day. :)) Do you have that?

    Have a lovely 1 of December. :))


    It really sounds wonderful, Nina.:)) Everyone should have a Christmas month like you and your family. That's what Christmas is all about; family, joy and love. :))

    I hope that we get lots of lovely days before it is Christmas eve. We also try to have as many cozy moments with each other and our loved ones as possible. But eventhough I have already bought quite a few presents, I still have to go buy some more. ;))

    And hopefully we don't burn down the advent candles too fast this year. ;))

    Have a wonderful day.

    Ulla XX


    Det var lige præcis samme situation hos os, Miri! ;)) Så nu prøver vi det her.

    Jeg elsker når lyset tændes og vi samles. Og faktisk har vi endnu et kalenderlys hvor vi spiser.

    Faktisk tror jeg at julen - udover familie og kærlighed - altid skal indeholde levende lys, hvis jeg skal sige min mening. Det forbinder jeg virkelig med hygge og lysere dage forude. :))

    En rigtig dejlig første december til dig. :))

  5. They're gorgeous. For some reason it's never occurred to me to have an advent candle, but that's such a lovely, cosy idea.

  6. HA - that's great. Good thinking. :)


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