Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Never too old....

...for making all sorts of confections for Christmas. Emil (who froze his ears in this photo!) has always loved that and I remember how Emil made huge pieces of marzipan with lovely chocolate and other goodies, when he was little. He was so proud of his work and enjoyed the fact, that he had his very own to eat during Christmas.

Nowadays he's much more fuddy-duddy and makes fine little pieces. All lined up and ready to be put in a tin and saved for Christmas days.

I do have to keep an eye on the tins, though. Sometimes the content in them seem to become reduced...rapidly.


  1. What a lovely tradition, Ulla!
    I had to chuckle when you said you had to keep on eye on the tins because the contents seem to lower. I have to do the same thing here. Teenage boys are always hungry and especially like to eat home baked treats. lol

  2. Thanks a lot, Katherine. :)) We have made marzipan and other confections with our children as long as I can remember. It's a tradition that the children make it with my husband, and then I bake lots of Christmas cookies with them. :))

    Teenage boys are indeed really, really hungry - and tired ;)! Sometimes I can't believe how much Emil can eat. But he does do a great deal of skating and trampoline/tumbling, so he has to get some energy. ;))
    But when the energy once in a while comes from the confection and cookie tins, then I have to keep an eye on them. ;)) My husband loves marzipan too, so it's never easy to know whether it's him or Emil who put their fingers in the tins. ;))

  3. Må indrømme at godterne også forsvinder herhjemme og jeg vist kun skyde skylden på een......Mig selv :-)

  4. Haha, Miri. :)) Jeg kender det godt - selvom jeg ikke er så vild med konfekt (næ, småkager så er det en anden snak!).

    Men vi skal da også være lidt gode ved os selv i julemåneden.

    Hav en hyggelig aften. :))


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