Thursday, September 09, 2010

This, this or this?

These last weeks I have been looking at so many different patterns for baby blankets.

I would love to make a blanket for the nephew or niece to be, and since the baby will be born in the middle of October, I had better figure out which one to make.

However, I think it's very hard to decide whether it is going to be knitted or made at my sewingmachine.

I would love to sew it and if I could use the popular shape above for it, then it would be great. But that would mean a lot of sewing by hand, and I'm not sure that I have enough time (nor the skills). I still have my first attempt at making a real patchwork blanket ahead of me.

Ravelry has been a very fine source for knitted patterns and I have set my eyes on 2-3 blankets that I like.

 the one Anne made and this one. Since I don't know if it's going to be a boy or a girl, then it would be fine with these neutral and beautiful colors.

I must admit that I have another pattern in mind too - but I already know that it's out of the question. It's this lovely crocheted blanket, which can be bought as a kit at Strikkebogen.

photo from Strikkebogen

Therefore I can't give you the result of my search.....hopefully I will be able to do so in not so long.


  1. Altså hvem kan stå for en grinende baby med et farvestrålende tæppe ? Ikke jeg, så jeg synes klart, du skal vælge det hæklede tæppe, også fordi det er velkendt, men med et lille twist i form af hulrækkerne.

  2. Ja. det har jeg godt nok også svært ved, Hanne - jeg elsker babyer!
    Desværre kan jeg bare ikke finde ud af at hækle tæppet er jeg bange for. Jeg kan kun lige det allermest grundlæggende.

    Men hvor er det bare et fint tæppe - tænk hvis jeg engang får det lært så jeg kan lave det til kommende børnebørn. ;))

  3. I love the bright stripey crocheted blanket, beautiful colours

  4. So do I, Lilipopo. Sadly I don't have the croheting skills to make it. Or at least not the time it will take me to learn how to make it. ;))

    The colors are so happy and perfect for both a girl and a boy. :)


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