Friday, September 10, 2010

Ursus in real life

These days my husband is in the northern part of Sweden.
He's a great lover of nature and while he was in the woods yesterday, he met a Brown Bear. All of a sudden it showed up in some shrubbery - only 20 metres away from him. So he carefully reversed.

Even though it must be an "every day thing" to some people in other parts of the world, it must have been quite an experience to see a real bear (ursus!) in it's true element. I know that my husband will cherish it a lot.

Thank God he's coming home soon....


  1. Åh mand hvor spændende!!
    Det er vist en once-in-a-lifetime oplevelse for sådan nogle midtjyder som os :-)

    Jeg længes efter Sverige, er helt syg over at vi ikke kommer derop i efterårsferien.

    Ha en dejlig weekend, søde Ulla...

  2. ÅÅÅÅRRRRHHH ! Hjælp ! Sikke en oplevelse !

  3. Ja, ikke Anne. Det må have været ganske særligt - han var meget benovet over hvor stor sådan en fyr er, sådan tæt på. Ja, over hele oplevelsen. ;)) Det er ingen jeg under det mere end ham - han holder så meget af at færdes i naturen. :))

    Jeg savner simpelthen også sådan at komme til Sverige - virkelig. Tænk på alle de Kantareller der er i tiden...og så falder der bare en vidunderlig ro på alting når man er i det land.

    Mange tak og i lige måde, søde Anne. :))))


    Det er bare noget han vil huske altid, Miri - det ved jeg. Heldigvis ved han hvordan man skal agere i sådan et tilfælde, men jeg tror nu alligevel at han fik pulsen op i det høje felt. ;))

    Rigtig god weekend.

  4. WOW, that must have been amazing. I am sure his heart was pounding when he saw it! I remember seeing a wild bear on a trip to Canada and will never forget it. So glad I found your Blog over from Belle & Boo. Have a lovely weekend. Catherine x

  5. Thank you so much, Catherine. I'm happy that you are here. :))

    He did have a pounding heart while he was close to the bear. It was such a huge experience for him. But you already know how it feels like - it must be amazing to have seen a bear for real (and not just in zoo). ;))

    Have a wonderful weekend too. :)

  6. must be scary (the face-to-face with a bear !!)
    i slept (in a tent) a few meters from a buffalo/bison (of course in the US not in France) and although they're usually peaceful animals, I didn't feel very good at the thought more 1000 kilos could run into & hit our tiny tent !!!
    I hope your sweet half enjoyed his break "into the wild" !

  7. He sure talks a lot about that bear, Valerie. I think that the experience was a bit more frightning than he thinks. But the entire trip was a success.

    Sleeping next to a Buffalo sounds wild to me too. I would absolutely not have closed an eye, with such a big animal so close by. ;))

  8. Hi Ulla,
    I found your blog via your comment in Valerie's blog, un arc en ciel dans le lavabo,
    figured the name Ulla had to be scandinavian, So now I see you're Danish, or?
    I'm married to a Swede so I speak Swedish, however the Danish comments are a bit hard for me to read, still I try, always good to push the brain cells a bit,
    lovely sewing, and even more lovely knitting, that Norwegian lusekofte is gorgeous, and in cotton for a baby, mm, sounds just great for a baby...
    Mind those Swedish bears! that's my advice to your husband!


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