Sunday, September 05, 2010

Did you say sewing? No....

Oh yes -I have actually been sewing a bit!!

A little dress with a dotty pocket - I would love to see it with a longsleeved t-shirt underneath it, and with little trouser. That would be fine for autumn eventhough the color is light. But you know that I love almost all colors, no matter which time of year we have....

I made these too. The tiny trousers are with lots of cars...and bias tape. That's obvious to everyone.

Now, I wouldn't mind if my sisterinlaw gave birth to a little boy in October.


  1. what a beautiful dress! I just love little clothes, my children are far too big now!

    Kate x

  2. Nårrrrhhh, sikke noget skønt tøj, du har kreeret!

  3. Thank you so much, Kate :)) I really love making clothes in these sizes too. But my children are also way to old to fit them, so thank god for nieces, nephews and friends. :))

    Ulla X


    Tusind tak, Rosanna. :)) Selvom modellerne er set før her på siden, så elsker jeg nu at finde nyt stof og små detaljer for at gøre hver enkelt stykke helt sit eget. Det er sådan en sjov proces.

    Rigtig god mandag. :))

  4. So very cute it all has turned out!

    XX enjoy autumn and sewing


  5. Thank you very much, Nina. :)) I needed to use some of my fabric. So the pale pink one finally had to leave my stash. :)) Hopefully I will get sóme more sewing done soon. I'm almost done with one of the tunics for me.

    Have a lovely day tomorrow - I hope that autumn is behaving in Germany, and gives you beautiful sunny days.

    Take care XX


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