Friday, September 17, 2010

Natural Patchwork

..."Inspired by flowers, fabic and home". It does sound interesting. I want to find out more and just pre-ordered the book.

Once more a fabulous frontpage caught my eye - and the fact that patchwork is the issue, helped too. The author is Suzuko Koseki and she is the one, who made another great patchwork book.

Sadly I  will have to wait for the book for a long time. It's going to be released on April the 12th 2011! But it's always nice to have something to look forward to.

I have been thinking a lot about me and patchwork. I keep feeling allured by all of those little pieces of fabric being sewn together in the most wonderful patterns. And I write about, read about, get inspired by patchwork pictures - I have even bought the materials for making lots of hexagons. But somehow I haven't felt up to trying it myself. Strange...

The answer to this is quite obvious for me, though.
I have in the past tried out patchwork with very, very lousy results. Crooked bits and pieces ending up in bad looking lines, have certainly frightened me back then. I don't have high hopes of making a successful item today either.

Hopefully I will not give a tinker's cuss about all of this and give patchwork another try. At least in a little while...


  1. I love patchwork books! Especially by Suzuko Koseki! ;D

  2. Oh, thanks for the heads up on this new book, Ulla. I loved patchwork too, and Suzuko's patchwork book was inspiring. Can't wait for her next book.... You're right, it is nice to have a good book to look forward to.

    Coincidentally, I just posted a tutorial using patchwork. Please don't give up on being successful with patchwork, just yet. Give it another try....

  3. The book looks delicate!! Love to see craft in a cosy domestic environment!

    About patchwork- It worked wonders for me when I started to use US measurements! 1/4 inch seems to be the perfect seam allowance and is so much more easy to handle than millimetres! So get yourself a ruler with inches, if you haven't got one already!

    Last but not least, tusen tack, for the link to my book in your sidebar! Made me go all teary to find it there!


  4. I totally agree with you, Stacy. :))

    It's amazing how patchwork can be varied - shapes and colors work magic. :))

    I have high hopes for this book. She does make fabulous books. :))

    A wonderful Saturday to you.


    My pleasure, Katherine. :)) You are a master with patchwork, and is one of the persons who has inspired me a lot. I haven't forgotten about that wonderful quilt made out of shirts.

    It's great that you have a tutorial on the subject. I had better head over and learn something. :))

    Have a lovely weekend. :))


    That sounds like a great idea, Kajsa. I would never have come up with that myself. Hopefully it will help me get started for real with patchwork and quilting. :)) Millimetres have never been easy to handle in anything. ;))

    It's definitely my pleasure to have your book in my sidebar. :)) I pre-ordered it a long time ago, but thought that everyone should know about it. :))

    Have a lovely weekend.:))

    Hugs to you too.

  5. your book selections are always so tempting & inspiring Ulla !

    I'm very touched by your testimony on my blog I have to send you a flickr mail soon (I thought I had your email address but it doesn't show in my account name list. weird!) about all this.

  6. Never give up quilting! You will make it in the end.

    And I am impressed with your patience. It's a long time to wait for a book!

  7. Thank you so much, Valerie. :))
    I have thought a lot about you - hoping that you are feeling better. Your post on your blog really touched me deeply. You write the exact same things things as I feel. :))

    We definitely have to mail, then I can explain. :))

    Take care. xoxoxo


    I have finally got started on the baby blanket. I don't have a clue whether I can get it done for our niece/nephew gets born - but I will give it a shot! ;))

    The book is really a long time away, but I think that it is worth the wait. :))

  8. For ca. 25 år siden - eller lidt mere måske. :-) syede jeg en nålepude i log cabin. Som blev så vind og skæv, at jeg tænkte, det blev sidste forsøg - selvom jeg havde læst, at når man først havde prøvet pw, så blev man bidt af det.
    Nogle år senere gik jeg på et kursus - og siden har jeg været bidt af det, så jeg vil foreslå, at du går på et godt "grundkursus".
    Hos Dansk Patchwork Forening kan du se en liste over undervisere og der er også oplysninger om kurser.
    Og så synes jeg da ellers det ser fint ud med dine sekskanter - som jeg aldrig rigtigt har lært at elske! :-)
    Og til allersidst, tak for oplysningen om bogen, den vil jeg også forudbestille, jeg har også den anden.


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