Monday, September 13, 2010

For 2 small arms

And here is yet another new project for the baby! (Christian's littlebrother's first child).

I simply couldn't help myself when I saw the pattern for this little Norwegian sweater. It's from Hjertegarn and so is the yarn. And since the baby is due in the middle of October, then a real winter pattern will do great, I think.

I'm making it in cotton and the brown yarn is a little bit tweedy - not much, but it's there.

Now it's time for the front and the back to be knitted. The sweater has 2 buttons on each shoulder, so hopefully that will help, when the little one has to get it on and of.

Knitting such a tiny size always makes me remember when my own children were babies. There are so many fine memories to enjoy about both of them, so that is what I often do with this particular sweater.


  1. Such beautiful knitting, I love these colors ...

  2. Thank you so much, Barbara. :)) I just love them too - however I did wonder a bit whether the brown one would fit a little baby girl, if that's what they get.
    But I decided to go with it anyway. :))

  3. hello dear Ulla. i just love the color you chose for the sweater. my daughter is going to have her first baby soon and how i wish i could find some time off and do some knitting forthe baby. So far, i managed to knit a little hat, but there are so many beautiful patterns to knit for little ones. and so not worry about the color. it could fit either a gorl or boy.
    monique x

  4. Hi Monique,
    how nice that you are here. :))
    It must be so wonderful to become a grandmother in a short time. It sounds sweet with a little hat for the baby - I think that babies always need hats to warm their little ears. (Here in Denmark babies take naps in their prams outside, so hats are definitely needed). :))
    And I'm sure that you have knitted so much love into the hat.

    I'm happy that you like the color for the little sweater I'm making. As I come along, I find it more and more suitable for both boys and girls.

    Do tell when you have got your grandchild. I will keep an eye on your blog. :))

    hugs to you too,
    Ulla X


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