Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's all about edges today....

I finished the edge on the bottom of Little Redcap's dress and I'm rather happy about it. I only wish that the little red dots would have appeared a bit more visible. But I will leave it as it is.

That is however not the case with the shoes! They are most certainly going to be unravelled. I'm not at all happy with the stitches - they are too wonky. And I know that this particular detail will annoy me every time I use the tunic, so I had better start picking out the floss from the fabric.

This other tunic is coming along nicely as well. Yesterday I managed to sew in the sleeves and now I have decided that it's time to make edge of the tunic.

I have been keeping my favourite pale pink trimming since May 2009 - just waiting for the right project. I must admit that I have been tempted to add the trimming on a girl's dress or two, but I wanted to keep it for me. And so I did.

So I'm exited to see how it will look on the dotty tunic. I have plans about some stitches on the trimming, but haven't really figured out which color to use. I'm sure time will tell me....


  1. Jeg gleder meg til å se "Rødhette" ferdig - et nydelig mønster, og det blir enda finere når du "ursusiserer" det på beste ursus vis! Har ennå ikke fått brodert lily bird en gang...
    Så skjønt stoff du har valgt til tunikaen..og borden blir jo helt perfekt, jeg er spent på hva du skal gjøre med borden!
    Er selv i symodus om dagen og i dag kom det mange Heather Bailey og Amy Butler mønstre i postkassen...en perfekt unnskylding for å hamstre flere stoffer :-))

  2. Mange tak, Eva Anette. :))

    Jeg elsker jo Cathy Gauberts mønstre ved du. Nu er der ikke flere, så lad os håbe at hun snart designer nye.

    Det er et fint udtryk: ursusiserer. :))

    Jeg kan godt forstå at du er vild med de mønstre. Jeg har mønsteret på Mini Dress fra Amy Butler og drømmer også om at lave Lotus. Og nu har jeg da helt fået lyst til at gå i gang med Mini modellen.
    Jeg vil glæde mig meget til at se hvad du får syet. :))

  3. I can't wait to see these. The colors are gorgeous and right up my alley. Love, loving the embroidery!

  4. Thank you so much, Alison. :)) I will probably never ever get tired of that green in the Gingham...
    The embroidery is so much fun - a perfect way to enjoy time. And a way to use colors. ;))

    By the way, I absolutely love your Birdie Backpack design! That I definitely have to make for a little nephew of ours in the future. :))

  5. That is truly the perfect project for tha trim! Love it!


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