Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another tunic is done

Now I have finished one more of these.
I got the trim placed where I wanted it to be, and added yet another trim. It's from Maileg.

Whether I should sew on some linen buttons is not decided. And how they should be placed is another question.

Well, I don't think there is more to say about this piece of clothing. So I will leave you with some photos...


  1. I like the four square layout of the buttons -- gives it a punch of color. Gorgeous trims on the bottom too

  2. Hvad med oppe ved syningen ved ærmet istedet for midt for?
    Den er yndig og lækker detalje med afslutningen.
    Så langt rækker min fantasi sjældent.

  3. Tunikaen ble perfekt "ursusisert"! Åh, så fin den ble med bånd og bord - og så de herlige knappene!! Gratulerer med et flott resultat!! :-)

  4. Sweet sweet sweet!

    I am too busy here so it seems, laceration on the little man's chin which needed to be tagged, the tall girl got a pair of glasses and she has to be convinced that her sweet little eyes will benefit from it once they have learned to relax and then she will be able to see good with it and Mommy has to get used to the little accessoire because it does change her face quite a bit (because the eyes are very different and the glass on the right side is very thick).

    So fingers crossed and a happy weekend to you,


  5. I'm quite fond of that version too, icicle. :)) I love those colors and I'm such a great fan of linen. I found the buttons on etsy.

    At first I had only attached the trim with the circles, but it needed a bit more. ;)


    Ikke en dårlig idé, Jeannet! :)) Så ligner det næsten knapper ved raglanærmet. Det satte gang i tankerne og det er skønt med nye ideer. Man har tit en tendens til at ende med de samme løsninger.
    Og tusind tak for de flotte ord. :))


    Af hjertet tak, Eva Anette. :)) Det ligner godt nok mest en forårs tunika, men jeg elsker jo pastelfarver. Så de må bruges om efteråret også. ;))
    Jeg klippede 4 tunikaer og er færdig med 2. Jeg trængte sådan til nyt tøj. ;))


    Thanks a million, Nina. :))

    I'm so sorry that your little man got hurt. And glasses for your sweet girl. There's a lot going on for sure.

    I remember how it was with getting used to wearing glasses. Emil got his when he was 3 years old, and I got mine at the age of 6.

    Hopefully your girl will get used to her glasses after a while. Emil did. But actually we are having the same problem these days. He's going to have new glasses and he doesn't want to wear any! Looks are important for him these days - teenager you know ;))

    Lots of thoughts and hugs for you and your children. :))

  6. This is beautiful! I love the trimmings. It really makes it special!

  7. oh Ulla you're my hero ! (i seem so slow with my sewing at the moment. crocheting on the couch is a modre comfy option !)
    your colors are so happy, it just make my evening to see this perfectly made tunic !
    I like the square version of buttons, but I like it without any buttton too !
    and your little logo is so darling !!

  8. Thank you so much, Vanilla :)) I'm happy that you like it.
    I have been saving the trim for a speciel item, and this was it I guess. I'm happy about the way I used it, eventhough the trim with the berries/grapes has bothered me on and off. ;))

    A nice weekend to you. :))


    Valerie - it's my very first time as a hero! ;)) Thanks a million. That means a lot to me. :))

    It's funny that you do a lot of crocheting, but wants to sew - I feel the oposite way: I would love to crochet, but sews these days.
    I'm thrilled that you like the tunic. I think I'm going to wear it today - it might put some color on the rainy day they have said it's going to be.

    I actually agree with you about the buttons - they might not have to be there at all. Soon I have used all of my little logos, so I have been playing with new colors for the letters and the background. But I have a hard time deciding which one to order!

    Have a lovely weekend. :))

  9. What a lovely, lovely dress. Oh my. Great color, great detail.

  10. Thank you so much, Baby By The Sea. :)) You certainly made my day. :))

  11. That was so adorable. Excellent post. Keep up the good work.


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