Friday, August 14, 2009

Andrea's skirt

The other day Andrea asked me very kindly, whether I would make her a skirt. She brought a striped skirt made by a friend's mother and the pattern made for it. Actually the mother had looked at one of Andrea's skirts and had made the pattern parts from it. She made a skirt for her daughter Sofie.

Of course I wanted to make her a skirt...I have known her for ever, and she's the sweet daughter of my dear friend Liselotte.

All Andrea had to do, was to get herself some fabric that she liked.

She bought a light denim fabric in a beautiful baby blue color.

Yesterday I cut out the different parts, and today I have been making all the pleats which the skirt must have.

It meant a lot of measuring and folding, but now the pleats have been pinned to the skirt and in order to make them stay, I sewed a seam over the pins (and the pleats!).

Later today, or maybe tomorrow I will sew the linning to the skirt, and have Andrea try out the skirt, so I can make it fit her perfectly. Then it will be time to add the zipper - not my favourite part, as you might remember.....

Hopefully it will turn out fine - and make Andrea satisfied.


  1. You are phantastic, Ulla, I am sure she will love the skirt!! And I am looking forward to reading about the result...

    Could I send you a few patterns and light blue fabric? ;-)

    I have several unfinished dresses here - but I guess you know the problem, too. Although I love sewing, I need some rest from work and some other company than the one of my sewing machine. F is protesting sometimes because I sew so much for customers while his trousers have holes ;-)

    Soliga hälsningar norrut, Juliane

  2. Hi!
    That will be a very cute skirt! I'm a little confused. Is the zipper what you dislike ('cause I'm with you there) or blind hemstitching? If it's the latter, maybe the video at the site below will help. The picture you have only shows how to fold your fabric, not how to feed it through the machine. That is where I have to stop and think always. I have to give it a practice run every single time!

    :) Ann

  3. Jeg forstår godt Andrea! Du laver jo de fineste ting, og det med lynlåsen.... dét klarer du helt sikkert med bravour!
    God week-end

  4. Oh, Juliane...thanks a lot for your sweet comment. :))

    Send it all along ;))
    I know what you mean. I too have some unfinished things...especially knits.

    It would be great if you could have a sewingmachine free week or more - it's a necessity sometimes in order to get inspiration. At least it is for me. ;) But it must be harder for you, when you have all the custom orders.

    Regnvåde hilsner herfra,
    Ulla :)


    Hi Ann,

    Well, it's both things that I'm lousy at. ;)) But it's so sweet of you to leave me the link. I will definitely have a look at it, when I'm going to sew in the zipper later today. :)

    Ulla :))


    1000 tak, hvor er det sødt af dig. :)) Jeg håber, at det kommer til at se ordentligt ud når jeg engang får det hele klaret.
    Andrea prøvede kjolen i går og var heldigvis tilfreds indtil videre. ;)

    Rigtig god weekend...

  5. hov.... jeg glemte at skrive navn!
    Anonym er jo bare mig, Rosanna :O)

  6. Jeg er sikker på at resultatet bliver helt perfekt!

  7. Dear Ulla,

    the dress looks very nice, with all the ?? cutlings. But it looks like a lot of work and it seems to need accurate hands...

    Good luck with the zipper and I'm very much looking foreward to seeing the skirt.

    Have a nice summer weekend,


  8. Nå, det var dig der var så sød, Rosanna. :))


    Jeg håber det, Gitte - ellers må det pilles op og laves forfra. ;))
    Rigtig god fridag...


    Thanks a lot, Nina :)) It did take some measuring but I love that kind of work. I promise to show you the skirt - maybe Andrea will pose?

    Now my daughter needs one too. ;)

    Have a wonderful Sunday...


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