Thursday, August 06, 2009

Do you know where to BLAFRE??

In Danish the word "blafre" means that something is moving in the wind - maybe the wings of a bird or a load of freshly laundred clothes on a clothesline.

But "blafre" can have a whole other meaning too.....especially in Norway - just have a look below!

Some months ago I found a wonderful blog called Blafrebloggen. I enjoy reading the posts on this blog, as it is so alive and full of beautiful designs and things from everyday life.

The blog is made by the Norwegian woman Ingrid Erøy and besides having a wonderful blog, she also runs the family business BLAFRE, who designs lunchboxes, drinking bottles, metal boxes, cards and other fabulous things.

If you love graphic designs and gorgeous motifs as much as I, then you have to go have a look at the Blafrebutik.....but I warn you: be aware of the fact, that you might fall in love with numerous items.

And pop by the blog to read all about the August competiton...


  1. Nemlig, har super mange fine ting. Jeg ved, at man også kan købe deres dåser hos GARN-ITURE. :))


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