Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pink and green

Lovely flowers from my garden, originally uploaded by lille-ursus.

One of my favourite color combinations in a bunch of flowers.

The fact that I picked them in our garden, makes it even more delightful. My eyes tend to look their way, when I enter the kitchen.

What a luxury it is to pick them out one by one in the garden, without having to think about how much it will cost!

And when these flowers have dropped their heads, I can have the pleasure of picking a new and wonderful bunch....


  1. Ja at plukke blomster er en af mine største glæder. Jeg elsker det så meget at jeg slet ikke vil have blomster i hvan der ikke egner sig til vaselivet...

  2. Vi har lige haft væltet hele haven og der er stort set ikke andet end græs, så jeg er lige med-nyder af dine blomster :)

  3. Meget smuk buket. Jeg holder også meget at disse farver sammen ;-)

  4. my two favourite colourss. Your garden must be lovely. Our gardens in Australia are dying because of the drought - it's really sad. I will just have to admire them on your blog!


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