Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A sunny and happy birthday boy

Today we celebrate Emil's 12th birthday - the warm and lovely weather is perfect for him, because he is such a warm, happy and hearty boy. He hardly ever gets angry....always smiling and doing something.

He - of course - got a brandnew skateboard, which he got to put together bit by bit (oh, no a skateboard isn't just a piece of wood on wheels - decks, trucks, wheels and ball bearings are very important factors in order to get the very right and personal skateboard.)

Luckily he loves it ....

We are so proud of Emil for the person he is, and the fact that he is doing great in his 12 year old life.

A very nice day to you sweet Emil and happy, happy, happy birthday. :)))


  1. Kære Ulla

    Hjertelig tillykke med din store dreng :-)

  2. Tillykke til og med din søde søn, Ulla, håber at dagen fortsætter med at være lun og dejlig :-)

  3. Vilken underbar blogg du har!:)vilken är eran favoritkaka?

  4. Dear Ulla,

    a happy Birthday to your sweet sunshine Boy and to you a huge and big and warm congratulations as well, as YOU were doing a great job 12 years ago!!

    Kindest regards and a sunny evening,

    Nina & Co.

  5. Kære Ulla,
    Et stort tillykke med Emil ;-)


  6. Stort tillykke med din dejlige store dreng, Ulla! :)

  7. Kære Wenche, Anne, Gitte og Astrid mange tak for jeres søde hilsner. De varmede hjertet og blev straks bragt videre til den heldige fødselsdags dreng. Det blev han glad for - han er sådan en følsom fyr der værdsætter den slags ting. :))


    Micke, mange tak skal du have - jeg er glad for at du kan lide min blog. :) Åh, det er svært at vælge en yndlingskage, men jeg tror det må være min ene bedstemors brunkage med smørcreme, og min anden bedstemors tærte med marmelade og glasur.
    Og så er der jo lige en hindbærlagkage... :)
    Uhm, du kan nok godt høre at jeg har en sød tand ;) Og du har masser af gode opskrifter kan jeg se.


    Dear Nina,

    Thank you so much. :)) It's always a special, happy and emotional day whenever our children have a birthday. I keep remembering the day they were born - what a wonderful day it was with both of them. :)

    Emil had such a fine birthday and got so many presents. Family and dear friends came to congratulate him. Lucky boy :))

    Have a wonderful day.

    Summer hugs,

  8. Happy Birthday to Emil.
    He looks like a lovely boy.
    I have a daughter who will be 7 very shortly and what she really wants for her birthday is a skateboard. (with a helmet and knee and elbow pads!)

  9. sorry I missed to wish a "joyeux anniversaire" (that's the French translation) to your son (i was not online)
    I hope he & you all had a great day.
    My daughter turned 1O last week... a Leo as well ;) (that's why i wasn't online, they're having a backyard camping birthday party this wkd !)


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