Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Oh, Klippan!!

Okay then! Just give me the "Blåbär" fabric....

...and the "Flower Power" fabric and I will ask for no more.

(For a while).


  1. Dear Ulla,

    looks like we are doing the same unhealthy things again? Sitting in front of something...

    Look at the Moon, it just popped up at the sky just behind the screen of my PC and it looks marvellous tonight!

    Wishing you sweet dreams,
    kind regards


  2. Dear Nina,

    We sure are ;) But as long as we combine it with other stuff... ;)

    The moon has been so beautiful the last days. All big and round...and in the most fantastic colors.

    Thank you so much for your sweet wishes. :)) I think they worked.

    Warm summer greetings,


    Jeg havde det nok på fornemmelsen, Jeannette Mariae...Klippan laver simpelthen bare de mest formidable ting. Og selvom de ligger i den dyre ende så lever kvaliteten bestemt op til prisen. :))


    Thanks a lot, Di...I just adore them too. I will have to see whether I can find them here in Denmark. They are designed in Sweden. :)


    Præcis, Anna - i kan altså noget med design i Sverige. Jeg holder utrolig meget af Klippans produkter.
    I det hele taget elsker jeg bare Sverige :))


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