Sunday, April 27, 2008


A fairly long time ago, I found a georgeous little yarn shop on the internet. It's called Loop and carries so many different and amazing things...

Of course they have loads of wonderful yarn in very cozy surroundings...

Like this tempting 100% organic cotton - Blue sky - I just love knitting in cotton (although it sometimes is very annoying with little fibers tickling your nose!!)

And haberdashery - oh, haberdashery....who can ever get enough of that?

But they also sell items from various designers.....

Like this happy Chocolate cake tea cozy from Donna Wilson. I wish I was a tea drinker, but no!!

Tait and Style made this little cushion. The pattern and the colours are simply enchanting - the cushion also comes in yellow and brown pastels..... I keep returning to the pictures of this!

The next time I go to London, I will definitely try to visit this shop. And if you want to do that too, then here is a simply map, which can show you the loopy way....


  1. That chocolate cake tea pot cozie looks like it would also work over a French Press... too cute!

    Thanks for the excuse to return to London! ;-)

  2. Det ser ud til at være en rigtig dejlig butik. Også netsalget frister ikke mindst ;-)

  3. Hhhmm - en tur til London - Det lyder da dejligt. Og en garnbutik gør bestemt ikke besøget ringere.........
    De ser ud til at have mange spændende/dejlige ting - Hvad skulle vi dog gøre uden internettet?

  4. I think it would work over anything, Jennifer ;o) Or at least we could make it!

    London is a city which I never ever get tired of. And any reason to return is great...


    Jeg ville virkelig også gerne besøge den, Jeannette Mariae. Man kan næsten fornemme atmosfæren ud fra billederne.

    Deres netbutik er rigtig skøn - udvalget er meget indbydende og varieret. Det må prøves engang!


    Ja, Gitte en tur til London ville jeg være klar til lige på stedet.

    Sidst jeg var der, søgte jeg stofbutikker, som en gal. Men vi fandt utrolig nok ingen! Men så fandt vi så meget andet ;0)

    Jeg fik lige nyhedsbrev fra Loop, hvor de fortalte, at de snart kommer til at forhandle de skønne hæklede tørklæder fra Sophie Digard!!! Ikke dårligt....

  5. That store was on my list of places to visit this summer when we stop for a few days in London!
    It looks so nice! And it's so cool to say: oh, that, yes I got it in London ;)

  6. Isn't it a wonderful shop, Claudia? I just love the looks of it...very special and cozy it seems.

    "Where did you get that amazing yarn?"...."Oh, I just got it from London" ;0)

  7. Oh my, that is a fabulous shop!

  8. SO fabulous, oiyi!!!! Much more interesting than a lot of other yarn shops....


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