Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A new book

At the moment I'm busy making a book for my sweet nephew Andreas, who is getting confirmated on Sunday the 4 th of May.

I made a similar book for my niece a few years ago when she had her confirmation. She got so happy about it, and has told me later on that whenever she reads it, it makes her smile.

The purpose of the book is to gather all the wonderful experiences, my little family have had with Andreas. We have loads of pictures as well, which will be inclueded in the book. And of course lots of sweet words about Andreas...

And while I was picking out the photos, I really had numerous trips down memory's lane:

About the trip to France, nut-cracking on Livø, funny New Years Eves, birthdays, bathing on hot summer days, music fesitivals, tree climbing......

I hope he will like it.....


  1. Dear Ulla, it´s so nice to hear from you, thank you so much for your comment. Today the sun is shinning and tomorrow starts a long weekend:)) can life be better? I saw on Flickr your new little skirt, it has such a sweet colour combination, oh Ulla where on earth did you find the turkise fabric? Wonderful!! I will try to explain what´s a Fröbelstern. I think in Danmark you have a different name for it, but I´m sure when you see the star you know him. It´s a paper star made out of 4 slim falted paperstripes ( you can buy them in winter times at føtex). You can find a picture of them on my blog (I think it was the 2 post). I made a whole bowle of them. Now I will make some waffels for Selina, Jakob and a friend of both. I wish you a great day!!!...*Marie*

  2. Super idé med den bog. Kunne godt forestille mig, at det tager lang tid, med alle minderne ;-)

    Og så har jeg købt udenlandske jordbær og chokolade, som skal smeltes til "dip"

  3. Dear Marie,

    It's so nice with the long weekend and time to spend with our families :0)

    The turkise fabric you love, you can find right here:

    Now I know what a Fröbelstern is. We made loads of them when I was a child and I have made them with Emil & Anne-Sophie as well...

    Have a wonderful long weekend, Marie :0)


    Ida - min niece har godt nok brugt sin bog meget - så det var bestemt hele arbejdet værd. For det VAR et kæmpearbejde.
    Jeg synes bare, at det også er sjovt for dem hver især at høre havd de har lavet sammen med os gennem barndommen og vi har jo også andre billeder som de ikke har set så tit eller overhovedet ikke...

    Uhhh, det lyder ellers godt med de jordbær med tilhørende "dip"... ;0)

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