Friday, April 04, 2008

Fabric from abroad....

For the very first time ever, a piece of fabric bought on the internet, isn't excactly what I expected it to be.....

But concidering how much fabric I have bought in this way over the years, I actually find it rather amazing, that it hasn't happened untill now!

The pink fabric with the tiny hens is a soft kind of canvas, but suitable enough to use for trousers as small as the ones in the picture (size 62 cl.)

I had only ordered ½ a metre because I planned to use it for a little summer skirt......but not being a thinner cotton, a skirt was not an option. It wouldn't get the right hang...

Now I just hope that these fabrics, which I just ordered, will fulfill my expectations....I'm almost sure they will!


  1. I have the fabric with the numbers on it (but in a different colorway) and it is a very soft,lightweight cotton. Very pretty!

  2. I love the hens... I can't wait to see the trousers finished. I'm guessing the gingham is for a pocket maybe? Or lining? :-)

  3. Gitte/ditogdut04 April, 2008 22:14

    Det ser nu rigtig sødt ud :-)

  4. Ja - du kan bare det der.... Ser ud til at blive rigtig bukser.

    Du skulle se det stykke stof, jeg har købt i dag - kr. 25 for ½ m. Lise skal til gymnastikopvisning i morgen - Hawaii-tema!!!!!!!! Så i morgen formiddag skal der syes nederdel i "mormor"-strækstof (af den værste slags) - blåligt med grønne ø'er og pink blomster....

  5. Mente altså "rigtig FINE bukser".....

  6. Det grønne Midwest Modern tøyet er fantastisk!! Tror jeg må ha hele kolleksjonen.. nesten, i allefall ;)

  7. Oh, do you have it in the blue & green colors, robonettehandmade? I'm happy to know that it is nice and soft, because I intend to make dress out of it! :0)


    Thanks a lot, Jennifer. I adore the hens too......the weird bird thing, you know!
    The gingham is going to become a pocket, eventhough small people, size 62 cl. don't keep that much in their pockets.... ;0)


    Mange tak, Gitte :0)


    1000 tak, Gitte :0)

    Jeg er spændt på at se Hawaii nederdelen - jeg kan levende forestille mig stoffet ;0) Men jeg tror nu det vil se festligt ud til sådan en gymnastikopvisning. Er Lise ikke spændt? Held & lykke med nederdelen (den slags stof kan være lidt drilsk) og showet :0)


    Mange tak, HanneJ! Jeg er også helt vild med den nye serie stof...der er SÅ mange smukke designs, at det var svært at vælge.
    Jeg kan rigtig godt lide dét der ligner perler på en snor. Det er jeg nok også nødt til at have en gang ;0)

  8. These are beautiful, especially the last piece of fabric. I always see fabric online but unless they put something next to it to measure it against (ruler, coin) I wont buy it. I prefer to see it in person. Cute chicken outfit :)

  9. Ooooh! They are lovely fabrics, I'm sure they will be as lovely in the flesh! Where did you order them from?

  10. I wish that we had the same kind of selection of fabrics as you have in the shops in the USA, Christine.
    If we did, I would also prefere to see the fabrics before buying them!
    It's always best to let the fingers see.... :0)

    Thanks a lot!


    Thank you so much, Liz!
    I know that the Amy Butler fabric always is great in "real life". :0)
    I found it all at reprodepot.


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