Monday, October 29, 2007

Hmmmmm...I must say it looks good!

This weekend has been dark and rainy. The fact that we have just gone into summer time and had to set the clock back an hour, surely didn't make things brighter... I finished these brown flowery trousers and another pair of brown trousers with the most pretty little houses. I sew on the bias tape on both pairs - a cozy task...Have a look here if you want to see how they turned out!

I also got very inspired by the blog "hverken fugl eller fisk" to start knitting a sweater for my husband. He is however quite particular concerning knitted sweaters. I don't know how many times I have found a pattern for him to see, which he unfortunately didn't like. But the one yesterday was "actually very nice...hmmm... I must say it looks good!!" So now I must buy the pattern and some beautiful yarn, while he still likes it...

I still long for embroidery. It has been a while ago since I embroidered. I have lots of ideas in my head, so now I only need to find out what to embroider on. Probably some children's clothes. Maybe a little shirt or a dress?

On Thursday my son, his friend and I are going to crafting day at "Skals haandarbejdsskole". This is an event that takes place every year on the first Thursday of November. Actually it has exited for 10 years this year. I think that it is the most wonderful idea, and many girls and boys go there and have a very good afternoon. They can try out different ways of crafting and get lovely cake, buns and drinks. At the end they proudly get to bring home the things that they have made - many lucky parents can look forward to nice handmade presents...


  1. Jeg tror, at rigtigt mange mænd kan lokkes til en Cobblestone :-)

    Sikke da en vidunderlig udflugt du skal på med sønnen, Skals det er paradis på jorden, hvis det kunne passes ind i mit liv, så ville jeg gerne ha' et semester eller 5 deroppe.

    I mit Flickr album har jeg lagt nogle billeder fra deres sidste store arrangement, måske kan du finde noget inspiration til broderi der.

    Ha' en dejlig tirsdag, i dag skinner solen da på os.
    KH Anne

  2. Ti hi Ulla, jeg synes du leger noget med lay-outet på din blog ;-)
    Jeg håber I får en hyggelig eftermiddag på torsdag!
    Knus Gitte


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