Thursday, October 25, 2007

Bias tape and rolling rhino

On this blog I have a link to a lady called Nelly Gaskin. She is a very talented ceramic artist.
I have seen her things here and they always make me smile.
Nelly Gaskin has many funny ideas and I like the colours she use as well. She makes things with hers hands that I never would have thought about - and that is so fantastic.
Yesterday I bought some beautiful knitted fabrics, which I am going to use for sweaters for boys ( there is not enough nice boy's clothes in the shops!! ). Bias tape in pale pink and pale blue and lots of tiny safety pins also went home with me...I have too much fabrics but I have decided to make my piles of fabric smaller, before I buy more! ( I am not too convinced about the truth in this sentence myself....!! )

Today I will try to finish a bigfooted bunny for our little neighbour girl. She turns 4 tomorrow and is the most beautiful girl with white hair, sparkling eyes and a big smile.

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  1. Hmmm, synes at jeg har været her på bloggen før, men er nu alligevel ikke helt sikker!
    Dejligt at du tilføjede mig hos Flickr, så jeg fandt herhen (igen måske)...

    Din post omk. Maileg indkøbene skabte akutte behov hos mig, må eje både en lille nisse og den smukke juleremse i papir, der også var i butikken, tak for det :-)

    Nelly Gaskin keramikken ville nu også passe meget flot herhjemme, og en vase fra Helle Rittig, jeg må ha' kortet frem, eller ønskesedlen!

    Du bliver straks lagt i bunken af de foretrukne.
    Go' weekend, mange hilsner Anne


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