Sunday, October 07, 2007

Medusa and silver coated cotton

This little face - and many others like it in our home - make me smile many times every single day. It is from a designer called Medusa and she makes a large number of wonderful things. I love the expression that every figurine has.
When my daughter held her confirmation 2 years ago we used a lot of Medusa's figurines when we decorated the tables: tiny cupcakes and gifts and the cutestest boy with a flag in his hand.
So now some of the figurines reminds my family of a beautiful day, with lots of emotional, funny and sweet memories. Amazing how things can remind you of certain feelings...
Right now I'm making yet another pair of pants for a little girl. All I need to do, is to stitch the bias tape on at the bottom of the trouser legs. This bias tape is silver coated cotton and I love it. I bought it on our holiday in Sweden this summer. I only wish that I had bought plenty more of it...
I don't what it is, but I only seem to make girl's clothes these days! A month ago it was only boys clothes. Well, what I do know, is that I need to make some trousers for Emil. He has grown a lot this summer! Brown flax is the fabric that I'm going to use. Emil loves trousers in flax, and brown is a great colour for autumn.

Finally I must mention the most beautiful calendar - which has been made for several years now - by "skals haandarbejdsskole". Each month comes with a pattern - some of them are made by people who used to go the school or other fine artists. In 2007 it is Helga Isager and Sys Fredens.
You can buy the calender in some bookstores in Denmark, but you can also buy it directly from the school (see link!)
I'm ecxited to see what 2008 brings in the calender...
My favorite month this year is july!

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  1. Hej Ulla. Jeg er i gang med at strikke "futterne".. De er meget yndige :-)
    Det er en skøn kalender!! Har du gået på skolen?
    KH Gitte


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