Friday, October 12, 2007

Sewing on a sunny day

On a wonderful autumn day like this, you can only feel happy... The sun gives energy and this morning I have been busy sewing a hooded sweater. The fabric is knitted and in two beautiful blue colours - blue and lightblue. It is going to fit a 2 year old boy - perhaps we should give it to our little cousin? His birthday is soon coming up.

During the holidays I have better sew something for my daughter. Together we found a beautiful pattern, that looks a bit like the green tunic/dress on the picture. She really loves this kind of shape and I find it quite nice as well. At school Anne-Sophie found a drawing in an old book, which she is going to embroider on the tunic. Yes! She will NOT learn how to knit ( believe me I have tried ) but if she wants to embroider, that's just as fine. I wish that both my children always will see the advantages and joys of having great hobbies.


  1. That is a lovely tunic. What pattern did you find that is similar to it?

  2. Ooooh.. It´s lovely! I look forward to see the finish work:-)
    Have a nice weekend..

  3. I found the pattern in a Danish magazine called. Kreative Kvinder.
    It is not completely similar, but almost!


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