Monday, October 15, 2007


Yes, I know it - it has been quite confusing to look at my blog lately, because of the always changing layout. The other ones didn't fit - something was not as I wanted it to be!! But this time I think that I have found the right one ( at least for a while...) I have thought a lot about christmas the last 24 hours - I don't know why? Strange - especially because the wheater has been so fine today - almost like an early spring day. HOWEVER, here are some presents that I would love to get for christmas this year:

All the things are from a shop called . The jugs are made by Helle Rittig at - the candlestick by Swedish designers and the sign for baths by Danish I hope my family remembers this when the time comes!!


  1. Det er da også nogle skønne ting du har fundet!! Håber du kan råbe familien op :-)
    Har du forøvrigt fundet ud af hvem jeg er, Ulla??

  2. Hi Ulla,
    You manage to find the loveliest things to show on your blog. Did I mention that I can understand Danish? I speak fluent Norwegian (or at least used to) So this is an added bonus of reading your blog!



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