Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ursus, pumpkins and sweaters...

This sweater is so beautiful - I have seen it in the shop "Bette Design", unfortunately located in Copenhagen!! It doesn't look itchy, but who knows!

Funny how young girls all of a sudden want to wear knitted stuff again. My daughter and my niece would both like to have a sweater... I have cut out so many things to sew: trousers, dresses and sweaters. Now it all lies in a big pile waiting to become something else. I think I have to start with the boys' stuff! Oh, I haven't mentioned my new tag (all though I have had it for a while). I designed it myself and I think that it turned out very well. I'm satisfied!

This afternoon we have to buy 2 pumpkins for my children. They love to turn them into funny faces -you never get too old for this activity. Some of our neighbours have allready made their pumpkins - nice and cosy with candles inside.


  1. Hi Ulla,
    I found a link to your blog after you found me on flickr! I have now added yours to my favourite blogs to read. I will be back again, I love your work.

  2. sweateren er rustik men ikke kradsende. superskønt garn. jeg har den største lyst til at strikke den. koster 450 kr i garn.


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