Sunday, May 02, 2010

I can hardly wait...

...for these lovely characters to return!

 Toy Story 1 + 2 are definitely among my favourite movies.
 August the 26th you will find me in the nearest cinema. ;)


  1. Har set forfilm. Den ser rigtig god ud. Må se om jeg kan få overtalt Søren, eller han synes han er blevet for stor...... Lise vil selvfølgelig gerne.

  2. Jeg synes simpelthen de film er geniale, Gitte. Jeg kan huske at film anmelderen fra det gamle program "Bogart" betegnede den som én af sine yndlingsfilm.

    Jeg er bare så spændt på at se nummer 3...og det samme er resten af familien. :))

  3. we saw "how to train your dragon" this past weekend and it was just... BRILLIANT !
    i've not seen any of the two previous toy story but i don't need more convincing when it is about kids' movies !!! (maybe i never grew up after all ?!)

  4. My son has been talking about that film, Valerie. Last time we went to the cinema we saw a bit of it, and it looked great. Sadly it's no longer in the cinemas in Denmark, but we must see on dvd then. :))

    You should definitely see both Toy Story films. They are so funny and extremely well made.
    I never grew up either...and I love it. ;))


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