Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My day

Yesterday Jeanette asked me to play along - so here is my day:

The morning's positive thing: The smiles on the face of my son + I managed to get the laundry inside before the rain began...

The morning's negative thing: Must definitely be the rain (I had hoped to go into our garden)

Outside my window: I can see cars driving by and hear their wheels splashing through puddles. Through the other window I can see a tiny bit of our garden.
On my TV right now: News...

I want to listen to: Silence for a while. And later on I will look forward to hear the voices of my two children.
Today I'm wearing: My beloved Marimekko dress with all the tiny pockets. Black trousers. And no socks - how wonderful to be able to do that! 

Today I have to do this: I have almost already reached my goals for today...the daily domestic work has been done. I only need to do some more laundering...and wait for the rain to stop!!
Futhermore I'm going to spend time with my children, read the paper and go to the store to see if the new Boligliv has come. Maybe I will sew a stitch or two on the Mario bag....

But I would rather be doing: Be sitting in a summerhouse on the little island Fanø with my family.

In my window sill: I have lots of rosy flowers and always candles in some form.

In the weekend I willl be doing this: Well, I have the fabulous concert to go to. That will absolutely be a highlight of the weekend. And then my son and I will get his clothes and things ready for his trip with his class. He's going to be away for 4 days!
Hopefully I will have time and energy for some crafting as well.

If you would like to tell us a bit about your day, then feel free to grab the questions...


  1. Looks like a nice day so far - and a wonderful event at the weekend!

    Wishing you loads of sunshine, energy for the things ouy want to do and time with your beloved ones!

    Big hug to you,


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