Monday, May 17, 2010

Bloomsbury Beaded Earings

I just bought myself the most beautiful pair of earrings. They are the essence of summer and spring if you ask me.

I have been looking at them for a while on etsy. They caught my eye immediately when I entered "Nest pretty things" by Tamar. Mainly because of the lovely mix of colors.

If you are a mum - or any other girl - with a weakness for pastels and sweet jewlery for children, you had better be steadfast when you enter this shop, which Tamar has recently opened.

When the earrings arrive in my mailbox, I will be ready to wear them with summer colors and hopely in summer weather....


  1. Oh these are beautiful!! I have to peek in this shop!
    Lovely greetings from Uta!

  2. I totally agree with you, Uta. :)) They are really beautiful and so is the rest of all the jewelry in the shop. To bad that I don't wear necklaces that often, because the selection of necklaces is fabulous.

    I'm sure that you will not be disappointed if you have a look in the shop. ;))

    And lovely greeting from me too,


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