Tuesday, May 04, 2010

She keeps popping up - little redcap the youngest

No matter how many other projects I start, this beautiful little girl will not leave my head.

She is lying on my sewing table, waiting for me to decide where she is going to be in the future.
At the moment she is living her life on a piece of paper, but I intend to move her on to beautiful fabric. Linen fabric of course.

At first I was convinced that white linen would suit her, but while moving my sewingroom I found another linen fabric of mine. In a kind of light greenish-blue color.

I can't make up my mind and I keep little redcap the youngest waiting. Not for long, though - one gets seriously addicted to wearing Cathy's magical embroidery patterns....

So I pick the white one...maybe.


  1. You might just have to do two. :-)

  2. Love your blog! And thanks for the link to the supercool monkey- gotta make that this summer!

  3. Oh Ulla, it is looking so sweet! You know I admire your picking of beautiful things (and your making as well).

    Big hug


  4. She is beautiful.
    White og bluish.....
    Love your blog ;)
    Very inspiring.... Thanks!

  5. Oh, yes, Georgia! That was not a bad idea at all. ;)) Actually I think that 2 tunics with the same embroidery could look very different.
    Or else I will cross my fingers and hope that Cathy has more wonderful patterns to make. Well, I will do that no matter what... :))


    Thank you very much, Linda. It's nice to know. :))
    And you are very welcome - that monkey pattern is really a favourite of mine too. ;)) Now I just need to improve my crocheting. ;))


    Nina, thank you so much. :)) You and I share the same taste in many things. :))
    I always try to choose things and projects with my heart. Otherwise I know that I will never get it done or used. ;))

    Have a lovely evening,
    lots of hugs


    I just love her as well, Kristine. I have a picture of her with colors in my head, and I know exactly how I want the 2 tunics to look like.

    I really apppriciate that you like my blog. It's good to know that it is usefull in some way. :))

  6. I can understand why she will not leave your mind. She is so cute.

  7. She sure is, Anne. :)) I have several color ideas for her in my head, but one is already decided: she must have a red cap. :))

    Have a lovely weekend...


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