Thursday, April 29, 2010


Now I have a reason to pull out every single baby knitting and sewing pattern. And it's not me who is having a baby. That I have to point out....
Christian's brother and his girlfriend is having a baby in October. So a new niece or nephew is on its way.

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you know that I absolutely love to make tiny clothes for little chubby babies. And for a long time there hasn't really been that many babies to "dress".

The pattern for this sweet little owl from Fluff and Fuzz, by Amanda Berry is one I bought today. The finished owl has the perfect size - 7½ centimetres - to lie in a pram, and if I choose a less fluffy yarn, it will probably also fit fine in tiny baby hands.

I will not be making it right away - there lots of time for that....

I must admit that this little vest is already on my knitting needles, though. I bought the yarn about a month ago at Sommerfuglen, when I didn't know that the family was going to become bigger.

It's a pattern from Isager - and you can find it for free on their website. I chose to knit it in cotton - merceriseret bomuld in a neutral color.

I know for sure that you haven't heard the last of this making-baby-stuff-story....


  1. Tillykke!! Hvor er du heldig at have en lille at lave skønne ting til ;-) Venter selv spændt på at min lillesøster kommer igang så jeg kan få strikket og syet helt vildt :-)))

    Ønsker dig en dejlig bededagsferie kære Ulla


  2. This will be one well dressed baby! The owl is lovely too.
    Anna Maria Horner has an interesting piece in her blog, from her new book. All about how important making things for a new baby is. I knitted for each of my 4chubby babies before they arrived. These cardigans and blankets are very precious to me. I look forward to seeing what you make.

  3. det er skønt med en baby i omgangskredsen. Vi har også en 7 uger lille Anna, som vist også skal have en strikket sommerting. Skøn ugle, Ulla. Nyd bededagsferien.

  4. That is great! Knitting and sewing and creating for the little ones is so very precious I think... The Owl is too sweet!

    Have a great weekend, dear Ulla! Hugs to you,


  5. Oh, how exciting! Congratulations to the happy couple.

    That little owl is so cute and will make a sweet gift for the new baby. Have fun doing some baby sewing, Ulla.

  6. Mange tak, Wenche...ja, det er slet ikke ringe med en lille ny niece eller nevø. Så har man jo en god grund til små nørklerier. ;))

    Jeg husker tydeligt da min søster ventede sin datter Ida for 19 år siden - hendes første barn. Åh hvor jeg strikkede og syede. 5 sæt husker jeg det blev til inden jeg rejste til England. ;)

    Rigtig god ferie til dig også,
    Ulla :))


    I love that little fellow too, Made by K. It has such a cute expression. Perfect for a baby. :)


    Oh, you are sweet, Millie. :)) I will make a lot - that I know.

    I totally agree with you. Making things for your baby is a very special thing. One knits so much love into that tiny clothes. I did so for my own children and my sister's 3 children. :))

    I will go have a look at Anna Maria's blog. She usually has fine words to say and gorgeous things to show. :))


    Det er det bestemt, "Anonymous". :) Både at lave ting til og at være i selskab med. ;))
    Det lyder hyggeligt med sådan en lille fin Anna. At hun skal have lidt sommerstrik kan jeg godt forstå.

    Uglen er super sød synes jeg også. Jeg købte også mønster på nogle andre vidunderlige ugler forleden.

    Du må også have en god Bededagsferie. :)


    I love that too, Nina. :)) It goes a lot faster and there are so many precious patterns. But the best thing is all the love and care one thinks about, while knitting for a baby to come. :))

    Have a lovely Sunday,
    hugs and thoughts


    Thanks a lot. It is indeed wonderful for my brother in law and his girlfriend, Katherine. And for the rest of us. :))

    I haven't done much sewing for many weeks, but hopefully I will start soon if my back allows me to. :))
    The owl is perfect for babies. It has such gentle eyes...

  7. you're the queen of knitting. definitely ! i love all your knitting projects and this owl is soooo cute !
    i'm a desperate case at knitting.
    but anyway crochet takes all my time ;)

  8. Thanks a lot. :)) I look forward to making this cute little owl, Valerie. I have a thing with tiny knitted toys these days.

    I wish that I had crocheting skills like you. There are so many fabulous patterns around! :))


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