Monday, February 01, 2010

Celebrate the boys

More new fabrics for sweet little boys...

This time from Riley Blake.

These fabrics are some of the most gorgeous ones I have seen for a long these 3 prints just had to be ordered.

And while we are talking about boys, I highly recommend you to follow the CELEBRATE THE BOY month. If you click on the car button I have in my sidebar, you will get an explanation of what it's all about......

I think that those two women got a splendid idea!


  1. Yes, Ulla, I saw it today on Millies Blog and I love it. Time to make more things for the little man now...

    I will add the tag as well and will see what I will make for him.

    Big hug to you as well, Nina

  2. They're all lovely fabrics. I like the bottom fabric best of all. I'm looking foward Celebrating the Boy too, it should be good seeing what everyone comes up with.

  3. ...lækre farver og mønstre bliver helt glad og kommer til at længes efter grønne græsplæner ;0)

  4. they are perfect - perfect fabric for the summer!

  5. Det sætter stærke inspirationer i gang og jeg får sådan lyst til at hækle i farverne :-)

  6. I sure wish that Emil could wear some of that fabric, Nina, but that might look a bit weird on a 12 year old. ;)) Thank God for nephews and little neighbours. :))

    It will be exciting to see what that boy's month will bring along. I think it's an awful good idea.

    Have a lovely day,

    Ulla :))


    All of a sudden there are more fabrics for boys, Millie. When my son was younger it was hard to find.
    My favourite is the one in the middle, I think. Such lovely colors...

    I look forward to celebrate the boys too. I'm sure that loads of ideas will inspire us all.

    Have a nice day. :))


    Ja, det er helt sommeragtigt, Dorthe. Det er skønt med den slags farver. :))
    Grønne græsplæner får vi vist ikke sådan lige med det første. Jeg tror vinteren bliver lang...

    En rigtig god snevejrsdag til jer alle. :))


    They sure are, Louise. :)) Riley Blake makes the most wonderful fabrics.
    And you wouldn't have to wait for a long time for summer to come. ;))

    Enjoy the day. :))


    Det kunne også være en rigtig god idé, Jeannette Mariae. :)) Specielt de grønne farver er jeg vild med. Jeg kunne lige se en stribet sommertrøje/cardigan for mig - til lille Anton. :))

    Hav en rigtig god dag. :))


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