Thursday, January 28, 2010

Purchases for spring...and Christmas

I know...we are sort of done with Christmas, and all anxiously waiting for spring and tiny flowers to burst through the soil.

But at this time of year I always buy new stuff for Christmas, and this January was not an exception.

At Nostalgi I found one more of the pixies with magnets in their hands and feet. So now we have a row of 4 pixies and a cat to hang in our double door with little glass panes.

Another pixie caught my eye in the shop...well, I have actually been looking at him for a while, but I think that there are so many other things, which need to be bought in December. But December is over and now he came in my shopping basket and ended right here with me.

Everything wasn't about buying Christmas things at Nostalgi - spring had to be there too.

I absolutely love this particular garland of flags. The fabrics, the colors, the patterns, the ribbons and the tiny green bells! And it was on sale to top it all off. How could I not buy it?
I have to hang the garland somewhere in our kitchen right away.

The pixies? They are headed into our big wooden Christmas box, and will have to wait for a whole year before they can come out.....


  1. Love them! I too buy Christmas stuff after Christmas :) Nice to know it'snot just me!

  2. Jeg kan godt fortå, at du bare MÅTTE eje de nisser! de er da skønne.
    Jeg må vist også en tur forbi Nostalgi.... bare for at ose lidt.. (host host ;O)...)

  3. I think we are doing a clever thing, Fallon. ;)) It saves us for a lot of money...
    I love those pixies from Maileg - they have so much charater. :))
    Have a wonderful weekend.


    Ja, er de ikke, Rosanna. Der var faktisk en del penge at spare på det hele. Så du må hellere lige kigge derind. ;))

    Rigtig god weekend. :))

  4. i love tucking away christmas things like that - they are always such a lovely surprise at the other end of the year - and those are very cute!

    the flags are gorgeous and i adore the little green bells - what a pretty pretty colour! here we are waiting for the weather to turn the other way- so hot and humid at the moment.


  5. Flagguirlanden er fin, fin, fin!! Nøj, hvis jeg lige kunne finde den, så ville jeg gøre en undtagelse og kopiere dit indkøb - nej, hvor er den sød! Nisserne er bare dejlige - men det ved du, jeg synes! :)

  6. Thanks a lot. You are so right, Louise....I always get so surprised too. :)) And I have completely forgotten that i bought the new stuff when we reach Christmas. ;))

    I sure wish that we had such a warm weather like you (the humid is not that great though!). Eventhough I love snow, I still miss the sun and the heat. ;)


    Det er altså også en helt fantastisk flagguirlande, Astrid. :)) Sjælden har jeg set så perfekt sammensætning af farver og mønstre. De har den ikke længere på udsalg hos Nostalgi, men jeg ved at den har kunnet fåes hos til 179,-.


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