Thursday, February 04, 2010

Must remember...

Must remember..., originally uploaded by lille-ursus. much I love the mix of these 2 colors.

I have thought about them together before, but got reminded yesterday, when these floss bits caught my eye.

They were waiting to be sorted out and put back in my embroidery floss box.
I imagine that they would look perfect in stripes or in Nordic knitting patterns. Light and soft.

I like it when tiny things inspire....


  1. Ofte findes inspirationen de skøreste steder :-)

  2. hello there, good to see you again :)
    oh yes, those 2 colors look gorgeous together and would surely make a great impact in a knitting project.
    thanks fordropping by and entering my giveaway!
    good luck ♥

    p.s. you are right, raw potatoes are delicious ! ;)

  3. Det er lige præcis sådan det er, Miri - og sådan er det også allersjovest. Når man selv inspireres af alt muligt forskelligt i verden omkring én.
    :)) Og hjertelig tillykke med din datter i dag. :))


    Ja, Jeannette Mariae hvem ville tro at inspirationen lå i sammenkrøllet brodergarn? Men pludselig fik jeg øje på dem og kunne slet ikke slippe dem igen.
    Ih, hvor ville jeg gerne strikke norsk mønster i de to farver. Jeg tror det kunne blive ufattelig flot. :))


    It was my pleasure. :)) You had some wonderful things in your giveaway - that's for sure.

    Somehow those two colors follow me these days. Today I saw them in my kitchen. A jug and some vases in blue and green looked excactly the same shade as the embroideryfloss. :))

    I'm sure that the colors would look fabulous in Norweigan patterns. Do you know those sweaters with that particular kind of patterns?

    And you know what? I'm off to have myself a little raw potatoe. ;)))

  4. oh yes, i know the norwegian patterns, although i never dared to knit with multiple yarn. i would love to make myself a pair of those superb latvian mitts, but knitting with more than one yarn scares me a bit. i wish i had your talent. :)

    enjoy your potatoes ;)


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