Monday, February 22, 2010

Ready for some hands...

And some blogging too. I hope that the mittens will be a tiny bit bigger after blogging. The change of colors have a caused a few tight spots.

Let's see if Anne-Sophie will love wearing them anyway. I think so.

Now it's time for some mittens for my bigsister. I made her a pair in December as a part of her advent calender, but they really turned out to be very weird and deformed!

I will use the same basic pattern as for the Totoro mittens, because it works very well and has a great shape. However, I want to knit stripes this time.

Making my own motifs on a pair of mittens seems rather tempting as well - that would be so funny!

And luckily there's no need to wish for the cold weather for wearing mittens...


  1. Congratulations with finishing! Looking forward to see your striped one. By the way; did you find the Totoro hat patterns I mentioned?

  2. Thanks a lot, Anne Marie. :)) I just love stripes, so of course that's what my dear sister must get.

    I found the pattern you mentioned. It's a sweet hat. I didn't know that there was a whole "world" full of Totoro things.

    Have a lovely day :))

  3. The mittens look great - I have finished one (after I had to rip it out and start again because it would only have fitted a five year old) but the thumb is still somewhat small....I knit too tightly at the best of times.

    Must get on with number 2! I think your mittens look great and agree that it is a great pattern which I am sure I will use again. I want to make Needles on Fire's Bird in the Hand mittens for myself next.


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