Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Do you know Totoro??

Well, I certainly didn't until Anne-Sophie and Emil made me aware of him.

Totoro is a little creature who belongs in the Japanese film "My neighbour Totoro". I haven't seen the film myself, but I would love to see it, after all the good stuff I have been told about it lately.

And I must admit that I can't help liking this cute and grey fellow.

So when I found a pattern for women's Totoro mittens on ravelry, I asked Anne-Sophie whether she liked them.

Luckily she did and now I'm knitting the mittens to go with her black dotty shawl. I'm glad I got the opportunity and it's so much fun...


  1. I haven't seen Totoro either, but my teenage daughter has and she loved it. She likes all the Studio Ghibli movies very much. I HAVE seen Howl's Moving Castle and really enjoyed it. The animation and music are beautiful!

    :) Ann

  2. Det er en helt fantastisk tegnefilm. En klar favorit. Der er også Kiki den lille heks af samme mand. Du MÅ bare se dem:-)

  3. oh! oh! omg!!! I love everything that comes from studio Ghibli (and the name itself is so funny)! We watched many of their animation films and we like them so much. There is a museum in Japan just about studio Ghibli stuff...I would love to go there eventually! And Totoro is just sssssoooooooooo cute!

  4. I was just going to say that there are lots of totoro knitting patterns on Ravelry. I made a little totoro doll, but have downloaded the mitten pattern too. One day perhaps I'll make them!

  5. Hi there! The film was shown in german television 3 weeks ago and I liked it very much - my two kids too...the catbus is great!


  6. I would have to agree with Claudia: Studio Ghibli is the best! We even have a poster with some of the Ghibli characters in our bathroom :) I made a crocheted Totoro for my boyfriend for his 32nd birthday - he had been talking about it forever ;)

  7. Filmen har været vist flere gange (jeg har i hvert fald set den én gang og set glimt af den mindst 2 gange) på Ramasjang. Fantastisk sød (og pudsig, kulturelt set).

  8. Oh, we love Totoro around here, have seen it many times. There are two English dub versions, one from the 90's and a newer one with Dakota Fanning--which is actually better done, I'd recommend it. It's a lovely, gentle movie. Thank you for posting the link to the mitten pattern, I hadn't seen it before!

  9. Totoro is super cute and if you search on ebay you might find a bento box (matboks) with Totoro. I love mine :-)

  10. Oooo, those mittens are going to be absolutely gorgeous !
    did you check my blog for the giveaway results ? :)
    well... go and see lady !

    email me as soon as you can so i can have your little goodies shipped to you as soon as possible.
    Hpoe you are going to like everything :) won !
    talk to you soon ♥

  11. oups, forgot to leave you my email

    have a nie day !

  12. Totoro is a great movie, watch it! The mittens are going to be adorable.

  13. Alle de film er vidunderlige og jeg glæder mig helt vildt til den kommer på DVD for jeg har endnu ikke set den da min yngste er lidt for lille og jeg jo næsten altid er alene med alle tre børn.

    Jeg vil iøvrigt rigtigt gerne have det flotte haj kostume du lavde sidste år med i idebanken på faldera. eg har tænkt på det lige siden sidste år og drømmer om at have din tålmodighed og evner.

  14. Ååh, vilket coolt vantmönster!! De kommer att bli så fina!

  15. Pudsigt nok viser de lige netop "Kiki, den lille heks" på Ramasjang i dette øjeblik, og jeg tænkte straks på dig. :o)

  16. Dear all of you,
    Thank you so much for all your lovely comments on Totoro and the mittens.
    I have enjoyed it so much to read all the things you know about the film, Studio Ghibli, other wonderful films they made and where to see them.
    And I'm happy that you liked the mittens. I have finished one by now - it was really funny to knit.
    Now the other one waits and I hope to finish it soon.

    Have a lovely weekend everyone. :))


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