Sunday, February 14, 2010

Totoro is coming along

The pattern is so much fun and has the "I-just-have-to-knit-a-single-row-more factor". So I hope that the mittens will be done when Anne-Sophie returns from Turkey with her boyfriend in a week.

They (or should I say it) fit perfectly and Anne-Sophie is already crazy about the 1st mitten.

I'm satisfied...not least with this wonderful giveaway Monique had at Blueberriesinthefields which I won!! :)))


  1. I just started these too! I am struggling a little with the weaving of the yarn - a few holes need stitched up afterwards but like you I am loving the pattern!! We will see if I manage to knit a thumb!

  2. Wow, you're so talented... I'm not much of a knitter. These mittens look so fun. I'm sure Anne-Sophie will love them.

  3. Det vil passe perfekt med et par SKØNNE skønne varme vanter, når man kommer hjem fra en VARM ferie til IS-kolde Danmark.
    De vanter er da herlige!!!

  4. How funny, Di. :)) Who is going to get your mittens?
    The weaving of the yarn is always a struggle I think, but often the washing and blogging make it a lot better.
    I will go for a thumb too....and a bit more. :))


    Thanks a lot, Millie - that's so sweet of you. I simply try out the things I like and then time shows me how I'm doing. ;)
    Anne-Sophie is very happy about them already and can't wait for them to be done. Then it's a pleasure to knit for someone. :))


    Lige præcis, Rosanna. Det var nemlig også min tanke. :))
    De er blevet lovet 20 grader af de tyrkiske meterologer - lad os håbe at det holder stik. I hvert tilfælde vil de nok fryse en anelse når de kommer hjem igen. ;))
    Og mange tak for de søde ord. :))

  5. Ohhhh .......I love it:) send you big Totoro-hugs *Marie*

  6. The mittens are wonderful and congratulations on winning the giveaway!

    Big hug, Nina

  7. Thank you very much, Marie. :)) Today i'm knitting on the loooong stripy scarf for myself, so the Totoro mittens are on break.
    But they will be done for Anne-Sophie when she returns. :))

    Have a wonderful vinterferie, Marie.



    Thanks a lot, Nina. :)) I was lucky to find that pattern - Anne-Sophie is crazy about Totoro. ;)
    And I'm so happy to have won Monique's giveaway. That prize is amazing.

    Have a lovely day. :))

    Snow hugs

  8. the mitten is fantastic - well done and knit on!


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