Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Ants...a re-view

For Oskar's birthday, originally uploaded by lille-ursus.

While checking out the celebrate the boy theme for today, I got to think of my embroidered ants, which I made back in 2008.

They might be an idea for mums with an urge to embroider and to make something different for their little boy.

I made this particular shirt for a dear little friend of mine - Oskar - for his birthday.
The procedure is rather simple. I found a picture of an ant in one of our books, drew it in the size I needed, transfered the amount of ants I wanted on to the fabric and then I began with needle and floss.

The ants were embroidered after I finished sewing the shirt, in order to find the very perfect spot for each ant. It was a bit tricky in the sleeves I must admit.
However, I really enjoyed embroidering the crawling ants, and wouldn't mind making one more of these shirts with bugs one day.

Only next time, I think it's going to be beetles...


  1. The ants are fantastic!! Love the shirt, too! What an incredible gift!

  2. You are an amazing seamstress, I think this would look great on anyone. Like so much the earthy colors

  3. My boy would love this! I must try something like it sometime. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I love this shirt!! Did you design the shirt pattern?

  5. Super flot Ulla, der er en lille dreng der bliver glad der :)

  6. Kimberly, thank you very much. :)) I wanted to make something which was a bit different and cool. Oskar, the boy I gave it to, was about 6 years old when he got it, and he liked cool things. So I thought that bugs might be an idea. :))


    Thanks a lot, Julie. :)) I'm so happy that you think so. I just love embroidering - it's so relaxing.
    I love earhty colors too, and fabrics like flax and linen. The texture is so nice and the fabrics are comfortable to wear. :))


    It was definitely my pleasure, Millie. :)) I'm glad to hear that you can use the idea for your boy. I think it's fairly simple to make.

    When my son was younger I always tried to come up with ideas for boy's clothes. Now he's 12 and all into more sporty clothes - he's a dedicated skater. :))


    Thank you so much, figgys. :)) I didn't design the shirt myself. It's from a Danish book with children's patterns - it's called "Børnetøj 4-7 år".

    I must say that I love the pattern too. Tunics are so me. ;))


    1000 tak, Jeanette :)) Selvom det er en lidt "gammel" idé fra 2008, så synes jeg godt den kunne bruges i måneden med fejringen af de små drenge. ;))

  7. Sidder bare benovet og tænker.....hvordan dine hænder er skruet på siden de kan kreere noget så smukt :0) for mine hænder er da samlet helt forkert!!!!!

  8. Love the ants, my boys would too.


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