Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ice & sun

While Anne-Sophie is enjoying 23 degrees, sun and lovely sights right here, it was finally time for Emil to go skiing - in Denmark!

That possibility sure doesn't come up very often here in our little country. My family usually travel to Sweden for that pleasure.

So we went to this place, which had proper ski lifts and a fairly good - but very short - slope. And eventhough it was extremely crowded and they rented out skiies which were "from the late 80ties" as Emil said, he and Christian did have a funny afternoon skiing.

Sadly I can no longer ski, so I watched and were happy that the others had such a nice time. When it got too cold I sought refuge in the car and knitted a row or two, while listening to a good audio book.

BUT we would all rather enjoy the snow and the cosiness in the big snowman's place.....



  1. Oh Ulla, the tall girl is having a "Dwarf Ski Course" this week. So that means 1,5hrs of me waiting in the cold and seeing the little one doing fairly good on her skies.
    It is right around the corner, about 10 min away and it's a small slope as well. Me not skiing for 10 years, I was giving it a try today, ohhh, you don't get the "old" skis anymore, so I have carving ones. I think with the ones your men used I would have made a better impression on the little dwarfs... but tomorrow I will get a one hour lesson, to being introduced in the "modern" way of skiing. Can you imagine how long it took me to get the old way into my style? Sigh...

    My camera is away again, second night but towmorrow it will be back...

    Have a great weekend, big hug,


  2. Sounds like you had a freat day in the snow, even if you could join skiing. Have a nice week end!!

    PS. Did you know that there is also a pattern for a Totoro hat...? I think I have it as a favourite in ravelry, if not let me know and I'll send you the pattern

  3. Sorry you can't -- I can no longer ski either (due to an accident & I can't linedance anymmore which is much harder to me)
    but it is much fun to watch the kids enjoy themselves,isn't it ?!and even more if you can knit or crochet a bit at the same time !

  4. Det lyder som en super god tur Ulla....godt "sneen" kan udnyttes lidt endnu alt i mens Emil venter på skater-vejr igen :0)

  5. It sure is cold waiting for the skiing people, don't you think so, Nina? ;))

    It must be so nice to have the slope so close to home. I wish we had that.
    My husband just bought new skies for himself as well, and he actually mentioned the carving problem too. It's funny how one gets used to one kind of skies.
    I'm sure that you will get the new way of skiing into your legs in no time. :))

    I hope your camera has come home. Mine is leaving for Norway tomorrow - for a week.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend too.

    Big winter hugs,


    It was nice to watch the others ski, Anne but I sure would love to be able to ski again. It's a lot of fun. :))

    I saw a Totoro hat on ravelry. It was light grey. Is that the one you saw? Thanks a lot for thinking about me. :)) I'm almost done with the mittens. ;)


    I'm so sorry that you can't ski either, Valerie. (An accident where I hurt my back seriously is also why I can't ski.)

    But seing the kids have fun is almost as good as doing it yourself...and you are right: if a bit of knitting, sewing or crocheting can be done at the same time, then it's almost perfect. ;))


    Det var en hyggelig tur, Dorthe. Endelig var bakken i Gjern dækket med rigtig sne, så det skulle bruges når vi nu ikke kom på skiferie.

    Ja, mere sne huer ikke Emil. Han venter virkelig på at skateboardet kan blive luftet. I går stod han på snowboard på Kragehøj i parken overfor min søsters hus. Så det mindede lidt om skateboard. :))


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