Monday, February 22, 2010

Now it's here

The wonderful giveaway things which I won on Monique's blog, came today.

It was such a neat package wrapped in tissue paper, and it smelled nice of lavenders. That scent came from the fabric heart.

To get the work of a talented woman like Monique, is a pleasure. I love to have things which other people put their heart and soul in making.

I already sent Monique a mail, but still I want to thank you once more here on my blog, Monique. :))

You can actually also get some of Monique's work. She has a shop on etsy full of gorgeous dolls, coasters, pin cushions and other lovely things.

You should go take a look...


  1. What beautiful things you have recieved...I am sure you will find lovely uses and places for them all.

  2. Sikke en dejlig gave.Den kan jeg godt forstå du er glad for.
    Dine vanter er også blevet lækre. Du er dygtig til at strikke.
    Kh Jeannet

  3. Awww, i feel so embarrassed by such sweetness.i am very happy though that you like your little gift. i love sharing things with and knowing it puts a little bit of sunshine in one peoples lives.
    sending you many hugs Ulla xoxoxo

  4. And you're the lucky winner!
    Take a look on my blog.!

    X.Judith ^Hartje-Bloem^

  5. Congratulations, such a nice give away, and now you've won another!

  6. Thank you so much all of you - and especially warm thanks to you, Monique. :))

    It's a wonderful surprise to win a give away. And recieving the prize makes a day even more lovely. :))

    And can you believe it - I just won another give away! Thanks a million Judith. :))

  7. Congratulations on another give-away.
    I have just started a blog because I found yours just after Christmas. It was such an inspiring thing to me at a time when I needed cheering up. I love all the things you do and the general attitude you display - really nice.
    I have no idea where exactly my blog will take me, but I am sure it will be an interesting journey. My layout is still not right. So many options!
    So, thank you for your contribution.


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