Friday, February 05, 2010

A scarf....

....for a little friend.


  1. it takes a wonderful mom to know a wonderful mom!
    the scarf is really beautiful, i love the colours and the pattern.

    and thank you for your lovely words and i am thrilled to hear you have 'more softies'. can't wait to see what you do - e mail me if you need anything!

    happy weekend x

  2. So that sounds as if someone is very happy to receive this - I understand why!

    Dear Ulla, I gave you an Award, maybe you want to reveal some more things about you?

    XX Nina

  3. It look very warm and has a wonderful structure.

  4. Uhm, det ser dejligt varmt ud:-)

  5. Oh that's so sweet of you, Louise. :)) Thanks a whole lot. :))

    I'm so thrilled about both of the softies books - I made the angel for a dear friend of mine. The next project from those books is definitely going to be your Topsy-Turvy Tabitha. She reminds me a lot about my own childhood. :))

    Have a lovely day x


    Thanks a lot for both, Nina. :)) The scarf was a present for Emil's best friend. He had talked about a blue and grey scarf a while ago. ;)

    I'm going to start thinking of 7 things to tell you about me. (I had better read the 10 things I told a while ago, so I don't repeat myself. ;)))

    Have a wonderful day. xx

    Thank you very much, Linnea. :)) I hope that it's warm. My son tried it on, so we could decide how long it was going to be, and he said that it was warm. :))

    Once I hated 1knit and 1purl patterns, but like you I actually like it now. :)) Funny how things change...

    A lovely day to you. :))


    1000 tak, Marie Louise. :))
    Emil synes at det var varmt da han prøvede det. Han fik det ellers hurtigt af igen, for han er bare slet ikke en halstørklæde person overhovedet (til sin mors store fortrydelse - han kunne godt bruge noget varme om halsen ;)))

    Hav en dejlig dag. :))


    Mange tak, Gitte. :)) Ja, jeg har godt nok også selv tænkt på at farverne ser blå ud på billedet. Men det er kun den ene der er det. Hver anden stribe er grå, selvom den mest af alt ser støvet blå ud. ;))

    Grå og blå måtte det være idet min søns ven for nylig sagde, at han gerne ville have præcis de to farver i et halstørklæde. Og den idé tog jeg til mig til hans fødselsdag. :))

    En rigtig god tirsdag. :))


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