Friday, July 31, 2009

Lovely summer days

We have come back from a wonderful vacation in the south of Denmark. We camped in our tent in a beautiful town called Sønderborg. It's beautifully placed on the small island Als with lots of beaches and water. That town had everything we wanted:

Exiting historical places (Sønderborg Castle in the picture above). We actually all like that...if it doesn't take too long, as Emil says. ;)

We also went to see Dybbøl Mølle (which was covered in plastic due to renovation!) and Dybbøl Banke, the place where the Danes were at war in 1864.

We had beautiful views.

We found out by mere chance that the Danish royals' ship Dannebrog was anchored outside the castle. So we got to see it through the windows of a castle and for real. Beautiful ship...but without our queen.

We went to the beach, which had fantastic water eventhough the beach was full of stones! But stones are suitable for knitting too - and while I did that....

....Emil and Christian went bathing several times. (It's Emil sliding down the slide and Christian waiting for him in the water). It seems that Sønderborg was the only place in Denmark with 22-25 degrees and sunny weather. The rest of the country had rainy days while we were away.

It's always nice to come home again, though and we still have more than a week left of our holiday. I know that we will enjoy those days as well and celebrate Emil's 12th birthday next Tuesday.


  1. Ooh the harbour and sea view remind me of Norway too (and I'm already beginning to miss living there a little bit...)

  2. Velkommen tilbage fra ferie... Hvor er det dog dejligt, at I havde vejret med Jer - og at I har haft en så skøn ferie. Sønderborg og omegn er 'båre dejlig' ;-)

  3. Welcome home! I love going away, but always look forward to coming home. Stones are good for knitting. Sand is not good, so i kept my knitting at home.

  4. OOhh, that does look wonderful. I love the slide out in the water. My boys would have a ball with that!

  5. Dear Ulla,

    back home again after a nice journey, so welcome home and enjoy the rest of your vacation! I love the most the moment when I'm lying in my bed again - isn't it wonderful to sleep there?

    We will be away End of August for a few days and I look foreward to that - NO cooking ; )

    Have a nice and summery weekend and have fun preparing the big boys birthday...

    Take care Nina

  6. Mnd og børn har planlagt tur til Sønderborgs slot på har ferie i næste uge også.
    Sjovt lige at se om det hos dig.

  7. Danmark har så mange skønne byer!

    Sikke nogle dejlige billeder.

    Var der virkelig varmt nok til at bade - eller var det vandhunde du havde med?

  8. I'd love to visit Danemark. really ! we had planned some summer vacations there last year, but seeing the forecast was rain & clouds ( just like where we live) we changed our minds at the last minute and went to sunny Provence instead...
    someday... !

  9. ps : what are you knitting ?! :)

  10. You are right, Nicole there is some similarty to Norway....Norway is a fantastic country. So much beauty. My sister used to live in Bergen - what a great place.
    I sure see why you miss the country. :))


    Mange tak Jeannette Mariae, vi havde fantastisk vejr, og byen var utrolig skøn. Den havde lidt af det hele. Skønhed, historie, natur og strand. Men når alt kommer til alt er det vigtigste hvem man er der med .:))


    Thank you so mucy, ioyi :)) I feel exactly like you - coming home is a great part of a holiday, but seing new and interesting things are so great too.
    Sand is definitely not good for knitting - it seems as if it's everywhere! :))


    My son loved it too, Angela...and my husband. ;) I stayed at the beach - it was a bit too cold for me. I'm such a sísssy when it comes to cold water. ;))


    Thank you very much, Nina :)) I sure loved my own bed instead of lying on a rocking airbed.

    I hope you have a wonderful time when you go cooking is SO great!

    Ulla :))


    De kan godt begynde at glæde sig, Karen. Det var et fint slot med mange flotte ting. Vi manglede dog bare at det havde været lidt mere møbleret, så den faktor havde været med til at skabe tidsbilledet også. :))
    God tur til dine drenge. :))


    Der er mange vidunderlige steder i vores lille land, Gitte. Ind imellem er det med at værdsætte det der er indenfor rækkevidde.
    Og så er der så mange historiske steder at besøge også.

    Det var godt nok vandhunde jeg havde med, men vejret var så skønt, selvom jeg synes at vandet var noget køligt - men det synes jeg altid i Danmark. ;))


    You sure wouldn't regret it, Valerie. Denmark is a fine little country with lots of beautiful and cozy places to stay and visit.
    But as you and your family found out, we do have bad weather sometimes in the summer. As I'm writing it's raining and thunder is in the air.... ;)

    Provence was a very good choice. :))

    I'm knitting the Baktus scarf from ravelry. :))


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