Thursday, November 29, 2007

More birds

I miss the birds' singing these days. It means a whole lot to me to hear them early in the morning - I love it and it makes such a beautiful start of the day...

But when I can't HEAR birds then I need to SEE birds! Actually I collect wooden birds - like the ones in the picture. Brought home from Sweden from skiing trips and lovely summer holidays in one of my favourite countries. And what about blue birds - aren't they adorable? With their nice hats and dresses. They belong to this talented artist, Marmeecraft. I LOVE her drawings and wonderful expression..... Real living birds are sadly not an issue in our garden. Our cats have made that quite clear...I do however love to gaze at tiny birds eating seeds, while tilting their little fluffy heads or flapping their wings. To be able to do that again I think I need to get a new bird table. One of those that stick to the window glass in heights where cats can't go!!


  1. Oh, your wooden birds are so cute! How many have you collected in total?

    I guess you need a cat-proof bird feeder to be able to enjoy your feathered friends. I was amused when a woodpecker managed to get a foothold on the aluminum window frame outside my kitchen window this morning. He seemed to think that there might be something tasty for him there.

  2. Hello Kathrine,
    Thank you for your sweet comment. I have 9 wooden birds(so far!) I known there will be more...

    Isn't it amazing how birds can show their personality? The one at your window sure did.
    If there is such a thing as a cat free bird feeder, then that is what I need!


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