Sunday, November 04, 2007

Homemade OK....

This lovely fabric is chosen by my daughter Anne-Sophie. I'm going to make a tunic for her one of these days....I think it is quite nice to sew and knit things for my children. Even though they both have had periods in their lives, where they ABSOLUTELY NOT wanted to wear something homemade.....
Luckily they are in a "homemade OK" period right now!
I finished making a sweater and a hat for our little neighbour boy Oskar, and got a sweet hug from him. The best thing about sewing clothes for children is when I feel that they get happy and satisfied.
Actually our other little neighbour girl, Maria, came to visit me today and brought me a wonderful jar of jam that she made herself. With a beautiful picture of her - in a dress I made - on the jaw. So cute!
Well, I'm of to see the exciting Danish serial "Forbrydelsen". I wonder who did it??

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