Monday, November 12, 2007

A friend

There she was in front of my house on a sunny day. Ready to attend a wedding in the dress I made for her. Not that she was getting married herself - she was already spoken for...

The green fabric she chose for the dress, almost match the colour of her eyes. So special and beatiful with green eyes, but I assume that very special persons need special eyes to be able to look at people the way she does! My dear friend...

I can always find her - just run across the street. She is there every time I need it; whether it is her sugar, pieces of advise or friendly hug!!

She embraces small people at school and big people all over with her wonderful personality.

She is not supposed to move(!) - nor leave on holiday for more than a week...All though I want the best to happen to her and her family!

I feel lucky to know her - and since it is the time of year where wishes come true, I want to make one of my own:

I wish for everyone to have a friend and neighbour as Lise Lotte....

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  1. Hvor sødt!
    Liselotte er da også heldig at kende dig, når du forstår at sætte pris på hendes venskab.
    Heldigt for jer begge :-)

    Og smuk kjole for øvrigt...


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